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Health and Safety

Health Measures

       Update 3/17/2020: Due to the evolving situation, SCT will no longer be seeing clients at the clinic. If you need assistance, please email your therapist or Caitlin directly. There will be no one in the office to answer the phone.

       Sammamish Children’s Therapy is dedicated to the health and well-being of our clients. Due to the spreading of the COVID-19, We have put new measures into place following the guidance of the CDC. We ask all families to help keep our workplace clean by following these new measures: 

       Our staff is dedicated to keeping our environment as germ free as possible. Chairs, surfaces, and door knobs in the common areas are wiped down frequently throughout the day.

       Depending on the nature of  your child’s therapy and temperament, it is possible that teletherapy could be an option. For some clients, this may not prove to be viable. If you are interested in the possibility of teletherapy during this time, please feel free to discuss it with your therapist..