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We would like to make this entire process as easy and stress-free as possible so we've collected some very valuable resources that can be of help in understanding all the jargon and theory behind our speech therapy services.

As always, if you have any questions, contact us and we'll be glad to help.

Resources on the web

Sensory Processing Disorders Foundation
The SPD Foundation conducts research  and offers a wide variety of programs to educate parents and foster awareness of sensory processing disorders. SPD Foundation's website includes a 'virtual campus' where parents, educators and therapists can participate in an e-learning program when traveling to workshops and conferences isn't possible.

American Speech and Hearing Association
ASHA is the credentialing agency for all Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) and their site has a wealth of information useful to therapists and educators. Parents can learn about the comprehensive training and education all SCT therapists receive as part of the certification process.

Apraxia information
The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to giving every child in America with apraxia the best opportunities to develop healthy speech and communication skills. Their website has a vast collection of resources for parents to improve your understanding of apraxia, find support networks for families and learn about speech and language pathology for children with apraxia.

The Autism Society of Washington
The Autism Society of Washington website contains a great deal of useful information on autism and autism-spectrum disorders including research and information on diagnosis, intervention, and treatment. Their mission is to improve the lives of all families in Washington with a child affected by autism or ASDs. Their 'Resources' section includes a helpful list of books and DVDs for parents of autistic children.

Child Talk (Speech and language Information)
Child Talk is an engaging and informative website run by a speech language pathologist who promises “everything you wanted to know about your child's speech and language therapy.” The site is centered around blog posts discussing the latest in research and therapy techniques from the perspective of Becca Jarzynski, M.S., CCC-SLP.

The Stuttering Foundation
The Stuttering Foundation is America's first and oldest non-profit dedicated to helping people who stutter. Since 1947, they've been advocating for research and treatment and their website is host to a variety of free online resources for stutterers. A highlight of the website is a page with inspiring stories of teens who overcame stuttering.

Parent Map (Publication focused on childhood issues/events)
“Cause parenting is a trip!” Parent Map is a print and online magazine about life as a parent. Articles range from helpful advice on raising introverted kids to the best petting zoos in the Puget Sound Region. A must-read for parents, the magazine combines a positive attitude with incredibly useful tips on raising kids of all kinds.