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Success Stories

Abdullah and Attiyah

Tags: Speech therapy

Can you describe your overall experience with SCT?

SCT is the best place for kids with speech issues. All of the therapists at SCT are friendly, caring, helpful and attentive to the kids’ needs.

What specific conditions did your child need help with?

My daughter started speaking late and still babbled while she was talking about mature topics for her age. Kerisha assisted my daughter with her speech and how to wrap up a conversation before moving to the next topic. My son wasn’t talking until he turned 31/2 years old. His understanding of language was quite off. Leigh Anne and Kyle helped Abdullah with his communication. Kyle went out of the box to further help Abdullah to understand concepts, making language easier for Abdullah to follow.

What were your expectations about speech and language therapy?

My expectations for SLP therapy were to find a good match for my kids’ needs, and tweak the goals when and where needed.

What improvements has your child made since beginning therapy?

Both my kids are understanding language better than before and they can start a social conversation appropriately now.

Did you try other treatments, therapies or speech therapists before coming to SCT?

Yes, the kids were in SLP therapies on the east coast.

Would you recommend SCT to a friend whose child suffered from a speech or language disorder?

I would highly recommend SCT to my friends, family, and acquaintances. SCT is the most excellent professional help offered in the Sammamish/Issaquah area.

Nadia, mother of Abdullah and Attiyah