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Success Stories

Jack and Olivia

Tags: Apraxia of Speech, Speech delay

SCT, and Leigh Anne Colbert, have been a great resource for our family! The staff is great with kids, and skilled at what they do. The environment is warm, welcoming, and much more peaceful than than some of the larger clinics my kids have received therapies at.

What brought you to SCT?

My son, Jack, was seen for speech delay from ages 3-5. Our daughter, Olivia, is currently being treated for Apraxia of Speech.

What are the results you've experienced?

Jack has completed therapy and went from rarely being understood by strangers to speaking very clearly.

After a year and a half of therapy, Olivia has gone from a 20 word vocabulary, and lots of frustration over her inability to communicate, to speaking full sentences and usually being understood by strangers. She is much happier now that she can tell us what she wants and needs.

Would you recommend us to a friend whose child suffered from a speech or language disorder?

Absolutely. I was referred by someone and I never hesitate to recommend SCT to other parents who are looking for a therapist.

Stephanie V., mother of Jack and Olivia