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Success Stories


Tags: Speech therapy

What brought you to SCT?

Nolan has an IEP with the Lake Washington School District for speech.  However, he only gets 60 minutes per week through them.  We needed to supplement that with private speech therapy to give Nolan all the support he needed given his significant speech delay – Apraxia and expressive speech.  It was the best decision our family could have made. 

SCT and Ms. Kerisha have been a wonderful find. Ms. Kerisha has a firm and gentle manner with Nolan.  She respects and cares for him and understands how to support the needs of a three-year-old with a pretty significant speech delay.

What were your expectations about speech and language therapy?

I really didn’t know what to expect…or what therapy would look like for Nolan. I was hopeful Ms. Kerisha and Nolan would develop a bond to really make therapy beneficial.  If they didn’t get along, I wasn’t sure the therapy sessions would work. 

Have you seen improvements?

Nolan has made tremendous progress with his expressive speech, and we’ve seen a decrease in his frustration and interpersonal skills due to his struggles with speech.

Would you recommend SCT to a friend whose child suffered from a speech or language disorder?


—Catherine C., mother of Nolan