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Conquering School – Teen-Worthy Advice Written by a Teen

Conquering School – Teen-Worthy Advice Written by a Teen

In a perfect world, achieving success in school, both academically and socially would be as easy as following this formula:

  • Do Homework » Receive good test grades
  • Listen in class » Homework is easier
  • Join a club » Make friends

However, humans are not like computers. One input doesn’t necessarily lead to one output. Teachers are confusing; an “A” in one class might be a “C” in another. Friends stop making logical decisions, and might even stop being your friends. Showing up to math class may no longer be as important as it once was; while if you skip PE, you can say goodbye to that 4.0. The system is confusing and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the different outcomes from one input. However after going through a rigorous 13 years of public education, I have come up with some hints for school, and maybe they will help you come up with your own equation for success.

Good Teachers are Great, Bad Techers are Annoying – Learn to Live With Both

Have a bad teacher? Don’t try to switch classes, you’ll get denied and then you have a teacher who knows you don’t like them. So, bring coffee, cookies, do your homework on time, go in after-school to ask for help (even if you don’t need help). With a little extra effort, your life will get better.

Have a good teacher? Lucky you! Enjoy it and have fun learning all you can from them.

Pay attention to the classes you are requesting. Some classes are worth taking just because the teachers are dynamite, and some classes you should avoid just because they are taught by less enthusiastic teachers.

Homework comes in two forms: Busywork and Work involving the brain

Have some busywork tonight? Do you want a good grade in the class? Well then hurry up, and get it over with. Don’t want a good grade? Then forget the homework and do something productive with your time.

Do the work that involves the brain. Even if you are tired, sick, lazy, or just feel like procrastinating. It’s worth the effort and usually has a very large grade attached to it.

Have Every Type of Friend

Friends are your lifeline. Take the time to make friends. Don’t limit yourself to only one social group or type of friend. Have smart friends for help with homework, crazy friends to make you laugh, shy friends to bring you down to earth, talkative friends, quiet friends, tough friends, smiley friends. Have a best friend, for when you really need someone to be there.

Join Clubs, Just Do It

It’s hard to walk into a club knowing no one; do it anyway. If you like drama, join drama club. If you are an amazing chess player, play chess. It sounds so simple; yet, I understand it can be terrifying. Get over it and walk into that classroom after school. You will meet people who are like you and then *POOF* you have friends.

School is a journey

Make it a fun journey and get the most out of it!

About the Author

Chloe Lathe

Chloe Lathe

As a Speech Aide, Chloe supports therapists and builds relationships with our clients in a way that no adult could. She works with SCT because she's committed to helping kids feel great about themselves, a passion that is also reflected by her work as a self-esteem coach, training young girls to run 5ks.

Chloe is currently a Freshman at the University of Washington.


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