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Speech and language therapy services (birth to 18 years)

At SCT, we believe that speech therapy is most effective when it's combined with parent participation. We make parent education a part of each child's speech therapy because with your support children make enormous progress.

Your role in your child's speech therapy

There are few things as important to your child's growth as your active participation in their therapy. Everything changes for the better when parents get involved by helping kids practice skills at home and  serving up a generous helping of encouragement and support.

Don't worry if you're not sure yet what you're supposed to do, parent education is an integral part of our therapy process and we'll help you each step of the way.

Motivation-based speech and communication therapy

We spend time with each child to discover exactly what will motivate them to play, speak, laugh and interact. From the very first evaluation, we will set goals your child will want to achieve; therapy at SCT feels more like play than hard work.

Setting goals for success

Setting both short-term and long-term goals are essential to an effective treatment plan. After all, if we don't know where we're going, how will we know when we get there. We start with small goals, defining what success means for each family. As treatment progresses, we'll set long-term goals to keep your child motivated long after graduation.

Sammamish Children's TherapyFind what motivates children

The key to our history of results is finding what motivates kids to meet their goals. Which do you think a teenager might prefer: reciting phrases out of a speech therapy manual or walking down the street to get pizza from Flying Pie?

By finding activities kids enjoy, we get them excited about coming to speech therapy instead of dreading another boring hour with adults that don't seem to get what they're going through.

Learn to play with your child

Some kids just don't seem motivated by traditional toys and this can worry or even upset parents. Often we find that it isn't about the child not wanting to play, but rather that she's looking for something a little more stimulating. Do you wonder why your child enjoys banging pots together instead of playing with Elmo? She might be craving a different sort of sensory input.

We'll give you the tools to play with your child the way that she wants to play and help you understand why she wants to play like this and give you tips for keeping playtime stimulating when you get home.

SCT's therapy staff

Our therapists strongly believe that their time with your child should be fun as well as productive. Kids really do enjoy their visits to SCT and many of our graduates still come in to say hello when they have the time. This bond between child and therapist is essential for kids to learn to communicate effectively and interact meaningfully with the world around them.

Socialization groups

For some children, there are few things more important than the opportunity to communicate and socialize with peers. We've structured our group classes so that each child receives the same personalized care in a stimulating group session.