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Our community

Sammamish Children's Therapy

SCT offers a variety of workshops and community talks for parents and educators. These events offer tips for raising children with special needs, strategies to support therapy at home and techniques to improve communication skills for every child.

We offer these community classes because we know that your child's chances for success are improved with active involvement from parents and other family members. Anyone is welcome to attend our courses, even if you're not a client.

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Community workshops

Benefits of Hanen to early speech/language development
• Explore the benefits of parent involvement to development
• Introduce the upcoming Hanen parent training program

Power of Choices
• Alternatives to “no”
• Using choices to encourage language skill development

Tricky Transitions
• How to transition between activities without tears
• Learn the tricks to making transitions work

Speech/Language Development and Milestones
• Early milestones
• When to seek help

Signing with your baby/toddler
• Children can learn to sign before they can learn to spoken language
• Ease early frustration by teaching your child basic signs

Behavior Modification Strategies
• How to set limits and still be flexible
• Eliminate the power struggle and boost your child’s self esteem

The Picky Eater
• Textures and the senses
• How to expand on the foods your child will eat

Play time
• How to get the most out of play and have fun
• Books — how to choose them; how to read them

Social Language
• Opportunities at home and in the community