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The Language of Art

The Language of Art

Everyone has a flame inside of them. For some, it is easy to nurture that flame and let its light shine through. It isn’t easy for everyone though. Some of us have a storm inside. A storm that makes us question our worth. That doubt can obscure our light.

I founded Sammamish Children’s Therapy in hopes to create a place where children can feel secure, happy and confident as they grow and learn.

Each day, I see that we as a team, families and staff, have created such an environment as I watch children run into therapy to work on that which is most difficult for them as they bubble with excitement. Rey is a good glimpse into the attitude I have seen in every child at SCT.

“I’ll be great someday. You will see.”

That is the way Rey ended his letter to one of our therapists. A letter that months earlier would have been impossible for him to write. Despite the mountain he found himself before, Rey knew there was greatness inside of him with the same conviction of belief that I have in every one of our clients.

“I am a boy with autism who can’t speak. That has been a lump in my throat as long as I’ve lived.”

Rey is now an artist whose light shines bright. He never let his storm win, he is a kid who never gave up. His storm manifested as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Apraxia (http://www.sctherapy.com/blog/speech-therapy/the-written-word-when-speaking-isnt-an-option/).

Rey has worked hard every day for years, growing and strengthening his flame with therapy. With his perseverance, Rey has grown into a wonderful artist with multiple awards.

“I am a fighter, not a quitter.”

It’s that attitude that saw Rey through tough times. Not giving up is a good start, but fighting back even harder is how you excel.

As an artist, Rey lets us see the beauty in the world the way he sees it.

As a person, Rey gives us a glimpse of what a fighter with a strong will can overcome.

Every day, I am motivated and inspired by the families we work with, their dedication, love, and endless effort. It is my goal to continue to create an environment where children feel empowered to strive and reach for their greatness.


He is great
and we do see


To see Rey’s artwork and read his story, visit his website https://reydaoed.wixsite.com/artwork.

About the Author

Lisa Hamblin, M.S., CCC-SLP

Lisa Hamblin, M.S., CCC-SLP

Lisa has worked with kids since her days in college coaching gymnastics for children 3-13.  Lisa is stimulated by watching children learn and succeed “their inner light shines so bright” she says, and it's this passion that serves as the foundation of SCT's mission to support and enrich the lives of children.

Lisa's therapy focuses on a child's specific needs and personality; a strategy that makes therapy feel more like play and less like work. Her specialties include autism spectrum disorders and advanced training in early speech and language development. Her training and experience with children birth to three years gives her a deep understanding of how to help children at any age. When Lisa founded SCT, she made training in birth to 3 years a requirement for all therapists as part of her effort to provide the best therapy possible for every child.

At home, Lisa has had the opportunity to guide the development of her own children – ages 17, 15, and 3. She finds relaxation in physical activities like running and rock climbing. This summer Lisa's oldest daughter will join her “on the rock” for the first time.


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