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Success Stories


Tags: Speech therapy

What brought you to SCT?

Luke needed help with language fluency, word retrieval, and vocabulary expansion, as well as help with his “r” sound.

What do you think of SCT?

I have been very pleased with our experience at SCT.  The therapists are wonderful here!  Most importantly, Luke has experienced great growth verbally since coming here, and I attribute this growth to the competent therapists. 

What kind of results have you experienced?

Luke has grown by leaps and bounds since starting therapy here at SCT!  His everyday language is much more fluent, he is using a greater variety of descriptive words and phrases.  Most importantly, he does not seem frustrated when trying to express his thoughts out loud, as he often was when we entered therapy.

How does Luke like working with his therapists?

Luke has seen both Kyle and Kerisha now for two years in all.  Both therapists plan activities and lessons that directly relate to Luke’s specific needs, and the activities are engaging and fun for him.  Both of them have incorporated many games into the therapy time, and have even taken him out to the nearby park for therapy! I am so thankful to them for the way they have helped my son!

Did you try other treatments, therapies or speech therapists before coming to SCT? 

Yes. I wasn’t sure what to expect [at SCT]… the other therapy place we went was boring for Luke, because the therapist just had him doing worksheets each session - I knew I didn’t want more of that!

Would you recommend SCT to a friend whose child suffered from a speech or language disorder?

Yes, I have recommended SCT to at least 5 friends whose children need therapy.

—Kathy M., mother of Luke